Happy Mother's Day

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As we approach Mother's Day I hope all the moms out there, from new to great grandma status, remember all you've accomplished.  All you've contributed to the world.

Some of us were not as lucky as others to have great roll models.  Some lost their moms way to early.  For those who've forged their own ways as a mom, pat yourself on the back.  You did it without a road map. 

In my home I have a wall of photos I found in old scrapbooks.  I framed them because I didn't want the pictures to go to waste.  I didn't want the memories to be buried in an old book.  I picked pictures that were of my grandmother and family members doing something fun, or silly.  Even they were teens once and even though it may have been a different era for them, they still had days of being giddy and funny.  A posed photo just didn't seem to represent what I wanted to remember.

So, this weekend as I remember my grandmother and mother, and celebrate being a mom, I hope you guys will stop and remember the moms who shaped your life.  Ask them something silly they did, ask them about them before you.  Ask to hear her story....it's the best gift a mom can get - your attention.  And, have her find a photo from when she was young and silly.  Have her tell you the story behind it, and frame it.  It is worth 1,000 words.

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