Star of David Silk Slider
Star of David Silk Slider

Star of David Silk Slider

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The Star of David, known as the Magen David or Shield of David, is an emblem of Jewish identity and faith. Made up of two interlocking equilateral triangles to form a six-pointed star, it symbolizes the powerful connection between the Jewish people and God.

You adjust. Shouldn’t your necklace? This is, like, 20 necklaces in one. The silk cord goes from choker to 24" and every place in between thanks to our signature slider beads. To make it shorter: hold the slider beads and gently pull them apart. Longer: hold the silk strands and pull them outward.

Cords — 100% pure silk, because we wouldn’t dare wrap your neck in anything less luxurious. 

Slider Beads: choose from 14k GF or .925 sterling silver, you pick. 

Antique Gold and Antique Silver 

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